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Le Printemps approche à grand pas, les beaux jours également alors quoi de mieux qu'une association entre PWFM (web-radio, dénicheur de talents) et le club underground Garage pour nous offrir le SPRING-BOARD Contest ! Il s'agit d'un tremplin dont le but est de lancer de jeunes artistes et djs et vous fai... Continue reading

Rex Club Paris is getting a facelift

/ music

Who doesn’t know this place, this temple, this mythical club where, for the past decades, each party-animal who respects himself has set foot on. Since May 8, Rex Club was closed to complete renovations for a period of one month. What will change? The layout of the club will remain the same. The change will be at the level of sound quality, with a new sound system, and design.... Continue reading

Walter Sobcek - Duo of musicians

/ interview

We came across Walter Sobcek, an afghan deer breeder at Cirque du Soleil, and he answered few questions:

Essential Night: Do you think your style is well defining yourselves? What are your influences?

Walter Sobcek: We do love sunsets, more than anything. The perfect music, is the one we listen on the Pacific Coast Highway in L.A., feeling the wind in your hair with a... Continue reading

Kultur - Hideaway (ft. Cehryl)

/ music

The young French and talented producer Kultur just delivered a lovely track "Hideaway" featuring Hong Kong based singer Cehryl. Kultur has been working on this new production to bring more feelings with his recognizable bells. Once again, he found a lovely voice that fits perfectly the instrumentale and this time, she's a student from Berklee College (US). We do remember the day we ha... Continue reading

Widen Festival 2016

/ music

Have you ever dreamt of a beautiful day in Corsica, the Island of Beauty? And surrounded by a sublime scenery with white-sand beaches and crystal clear water, how do react to a chill and groovy wave of happiness? We make this experience possible with our new partnership with Widen Festival, in Bastia from June 10th to June 12th, 2016.

Continue reading

Point Point - F+L

/ music

The up-and-coming french group Point Point (now 3 members as LH4L left the group last November) have released a 'poke' track, to notify Kanye West they have sent him an e-mail. 

Maybe we'll hear later a co-production as Kanye did with other french producers: Brodinski, Gesaffelstein and Daft Punks for his album Yeez... Continue reading

PONT NEUF OPENING – Habemus Paname Release Party

/ music

There is a house revival in Paris at the moment leads by crews such as La Chinerie, D.KO, Délicieuse Musique and more. Among them, you can find a young and independant record label called Pont Neuf Records. Who are they ? Just four friends who have been working in the parisian scene for two years, organizing several events as well as producing young and talented mus... Continue reading


/ art

La Fête du Graphisme is an art festival which celebrates Paris as the capital of graphic design. From 6th January to 16th February 2016, famous cultural Parisian places such as Cité Internationale des Arts, the historic theater Reflet Medicis Cinema, the Majestic Bastille Cinema, the Swedish Institute's cultural centre, La Médiathèque Musicale of Paris, The Hotel Na... Continue reading

WhatIsAlex - Touch the Sky

/ music

Since November, we know that WhereisAlex is Braeden Bailey, according to Swindail's tweet. 2015 has been the rebirth of this talented producer. Producing and remixing in such a proper way, you can evaluate his astonishing skills through each track he releases. This time, he (from another Soundcloud profile called "WhatisAlex", streaming his secret songs)... Continue reading

MUN & SOL - Lavender & Dandelion

/ music

This track is particular because we don't know anything about this duo called MUN & SOL, except he is from Los Angeles and Brooklyn and he's unknown yet: 43 followers. Here in Essential Night Webzine, we like to introduce tracks and mixes we love, made by producers around the world and that deserve a spread.  This track is pure exemple of gem from a "cosmic soul project... Continue reading


/ art

Nowadays, we are living in a connected world that analyze our own behaviour in order to offer an easier life in which we could be more efficient at work and do a lot of things, more things than today's.

Using smart objects in a global system as such as the Reality Editor (result of three years of MIT research) and ed... Continue reading

2015 art MIT research IOT reality editor innovation

Simon Doty - Harmony In Chaos (Ian O'Donovan Remix)

/ music

Released on Rhetorical today, we are happy and excited to share with you this progressive and techno track. It's the first article about this kind of music and it won't be the last!

Taken from "Harmony in Chaos", inaugural release of the new Canadian label Rhetorical, Ian O'Donovan exposes here his version in a melodic way. A pure club anthem!

Continue reading

Newtrack - Event Manager

/ interview

 (in French only)

Essential Night : Pour ceux qui ne vous connaissent pas, qui êtes-vous, et pourquoi ce nom "Newtrack" ?

Newtrack : Pour résumer, on est une bande de potes qui aime la House, la Techno, la fête et le partage.

Avant d’organiser des... Continue reading

Interview newtrack event french


/ art

This impressive animation short film directed by Argentinian filmmaker Federico Heller and released two days ago is revealing the sad side of our entertained society. In fact, it emphasizes that this emerging Virtual-Reality technology can end up by having an alone-and-selfish-bunch-of-zombies society enclined to destroy itself... Continue reading

Scorsese Exhibition

/ art

You have until 14 February 2016, to see this not-to-be-missed exhibition. Impossible not to be aware of masters of filmmaking such as Martin Scorsese, even for someone who has never been a keen movie buff.  This thoroughly researched exhibition will enable you to view film excerpts, photographs, storyboards, costumes, posters and famous objects, many of which c... Continue reading

2015 art scorsese exhibition Paris

Oneiroi - Intermission I (Pieces)

/ music

It's not common for us to repost pop music, but after listening "Chance The Station EP" by the canadian band Oneiroi, we have to admit that we were seduced and especially by their track "Intermission I (Pieces)". The two Wong brothers: Taylor and Corey and Mike McLaren and Alex Onwudiwe have released their EP one month ago and commented their work as "The... Continue reading

Galimatias - Voyage Mix 03

/ music

Here it is, after waiting for a whole year, the Danish producer, Galimatias, have made his third "Voyage Mix". Digging this soulful and atmospheric mix will bring you fullness as a sort of therapy. Among the tracklist below, you can discover two of his forthcoming tracks called "Homegrown Galaxies" and "Plastic Snow", great gift!


TRACKLIST :Continue reading


/ music

After the Launch Party Friday 23rd October at MJC Ô Totem, today is the beginning of the exciting week for 17th edition of Riddim Collision Festival in Lyon (Fr).

This festival, created in 1999 in Lyon, is an urban alternative music festival whose aim is to offer an eclectic line-up keepi... Continue reading

Ben Macklin - Musician, Dj

/ interview

Essential Night : When did you start music and especially electronic music?

Ben Macklin : I've always been into in electronic music, when I was at school a lot of my friends were into Nirvana, Pearl Jam and stuff, and I was more into house music. I never really wanted to be in a band, and when I saw what Daft Punk were doing from their bedroom, it inspired me.... Continue reading

Interview ben macklin dj musician

H A ï K U ! #21

/ music

For the past two years, the collective H A ï K U (taking its strength in the Japanese poetry) shakes up Parisian nightlife by offering events with attractive lineups (Dixon, Ame, David August, KinK, Dj Tennis, Mano Le Tough, etc.) in the best places of the capital. Thousands of people have already succumbed to HAIKU quality and this number is still increasing. This... Continue reading

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